Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Travel up until now

It's true that I'll be doing a lot of travel this summer, but I've already made my way around a lot of the United States. Here are some highlights:

(This is also a not-so-secret plot to have pictures available to share with people in Russia/cheer me up while I'm gone...)

Through May 29th: Oberlin, OH This small Northeast Ohio town has been my home for two years now as a student at Oberlin College. This year, I stayed through graduation with a bunch of my closest friends in their house in the north part of town.

May 29th-June 1st: Woods Hole, MA An old childhood haunt; I stayed for several nights with old friends in this beachside town. Full of scientists and tourists on their way to the Islands; it's definitely a unique place. And one thing is for sure: it never changes.

June 1st-3rd: Western Massachusetts It's true. I went to high school out here. And thus, many of my dear friends still live out here, too. Plus it's the most beautiful place in the world. (Well, at least the United States.)

June 4th-10th: Worcester, MA The place I grew up in, Central Massachusetts is a sub/urban hellhole that I still call home. My dad lives here still with his wife and my three half-siblings.
June 10th-June 20th: Boulder/Denver, CO This is a new home to me; my mother just moved out to Denver in February and my aunt, uncle and cousin live in Boulder. In the few short days that I've been here, I've been overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people, the friendliness of the cities, and the stunning beauty of the landscape. I've also had the privilege to meet some great people in the folk community and already feel like I have a third family out here in the mountains.
And that's where I'm at now. Last night I went to a house concert in Nederland, a mountain town about 3,000 feet above where I am now, and was overwhelmed by how welcomed I felt. In the course of three hours, I met 30 people, invited to several folk events (all of which are happening while I'm in Siberia), and was even offered a gig with a local band. So wow. Now I've definitely got an incentive to come back here in August.

More to come! Stay tuned!

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