Sunday, September 6, 2009

Giraffe travels for Dima!

So, lots has happened since I first landed in Colorado several weeks ago. Here's a recap of some recent journeys, with pictures of my new giraffe friend for Димачка back in the Motherland!

After spending about a week at home in Colorado, I hopped on a train to Arizona. Here's a (rather blurry) picture of the Denver train station, one of the most beautiful train stations in America.

This picture was taken in Raton, New Mexico, halfway between Denver and Flagstaff, my final destination.

The ultimate destination, of course, was the Болшой канён (probably spelling that wrong), better known to Americans as the Grand Canyon.

The trip was amazing, lots of good adventures and nights in the forest. Here's a picture of giraffe friend on the way back, enjoying a cup of complimentary Amtrak tea. (Again, failing to rotate the picture; my apologies.)

And, going home after the great adventure, feeling sad but excited to be going back to Oberlin!

I'm in Oberlin now, working and going to class and all the rest. Stay tuned for the announcement of the final presentation in Russian House, hopefully some time in the next two weeks. And hello to Dima! Привет, Дима!

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